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We make use of Prince for our OpenStax College textbooks (, many of which use MathML. We use STIX fonts in order to support the (large set of) math and chemistry symbols required for the texts, and we convert MathML to SVG using XSLT. We would like to switch to allowing Prince to render the MathML directly. I see that support for STIX fonts with MathML is on the roadmap (Yeah!), but it doesn't look like support is included in the latest alpha builds.

Can you provide any information regarding a timeline for STIX support? Rendering our MathML with Prince would be a huge improvement for our texts, because our XSLT conversion process does not support features we need (such as mmultiscripts) that Prince already handles well.
I think there are existing tools that can convert MathML to SVG and do a better job than trying to do it yourself with XSLT, for example SVGMath, among others. Perhaps one of those would work for now?

We do plan to support the STIX fonts in Prince, but we also need to make other improvements to MathML rendering in terms of spacing and alignment to get better quality output, and it may be faster to try an existing tool in the meantime.
Currently people are using MathJax with PhantomJS to generate SVG and then passing that to Prince, which seems to work well.
Is there any update on Prince support of STIX fonts? Thanks.
Not yet unfortunately.