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Multiple Background CSS

Had a report from a user of DocRaptor that the only way to set multiple backgrounds correctly when one needs to control background-position and other attributes is to set it all in a single background CSS listing. I checked out MDN here, and am using the following code as a test. So feature request is: support setting background-position separately from background.

         .multi_bg_example {
             height: 400px;
             width: 100%;
             background-image   : url(,
                                  linear-gradient(to right, rgba(30, 75, 115, 1),  rgba(255, 255, 255, 0));

             background-repeat  : no-repeat,

             background-position: bottom right,
        <div class="multi_bg_example"></div>
  1. background-position.pdf133.4 kB
    prince 10 output
Additionally some clarity re: multiple in the documentation might be helpful for others. Hopefully others can find this thread now. :)

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We have a fix for this, but it is not included in Prince 10. I can provide you with an updated build if you like, which also includes support for CSS filters on bitmap images, and tooltips.
We've run into a related but slightly separate issue using basically the same example as above.

It seems to be pretty common to specify multiple background-repeat values without using commas. This seems to work with browsers, but not with Prince.

I know this sort of thing is a never ending hole, but is there any chance Prince could be updated to work without those commas as well?
We have fixed this issue in Prince 11. :)