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Multi threaded PDF generation

Pretty generic feature request, I know :)

Currently we have a ~1100 page textbook that takes 60 seconds to generate. That isn't a huge amount of time, but I noticed I never use more than 12% CPU to generate.

It would be very helpful for us to debug our changes if we could generate this textbook faster

I thought about trying to break up our document into smaller ones, and generate smaller pdfs simultaneously, but I don't think I could coordinate page numbers and hyperlinks between individual documents in the combined result (which I'm guessing is part of why you currently use one thread)
We would like to make Prince faster, but it's not easy. :)

Another possibility would be to figure out a way to run Prince on parts of the document, without necessarily converting the whole thing. Or just turn off cross-references to save time. But this gets tricky as well.