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UI - Prince 10 Desktop - Win 7

Long ago I suggested that the last-used directory for adding XHTML, CSS or JS be "remembered" between sessions. Apparently it's not in yet, and the result is having to navigate from a Prince directory to something in "My Documents" for these files every time Prince is opened. This takes several clicks and sort of spoils the user experience.

It would be nice, too, if, when, say, an XHTML file is opened, the default opening directory for the other two boxes would be set to the just-opened directory so in theory, at least, one would be "closer" to a needed CSS or JS file after opening the XHTML file.

Second, when errors occur, the bottom left box, with one line per error, needs to be scrolled horizontally to see all the available information. IMHO horizontal scrolling is a huge UI no-no. I'd suggest taking three lines for each message: 1) Status, 2) Location, and 3) Message. And maybe zebra-stripe every other message.