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Css grids

Css grids have been released in firefox and chrome and it would be a huge benefit if we could use them in Prince.
We have some other features to finish first, like flexbox. :)
+1 from team DocRaptor, after flexbox. :D
+1 — I can’t think of a better use case for grid than for generating PDF/print layouts! Adding grid support to Prince would be a game changer.
I think there's a lot of work to be done on how grids fragment, and how to have content flow from one grid cell to another.
Not being familiar with CSS Grid yet, it seems to be an amazingly powerful layout tool.
For us producing print PDF's + Web + ePub out of a single source HTML files, having it available on Prince would be of great help.
Thank you!

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... just read you finished flexbox support... ;)
We've done a lot with flexbox, but we can't claim it's finished yet. See this thread for an idea of what we do support. :-)
Would love grid support. My use case is formatting an image thumbnail gallery. Please consider adding a roadmap or an unsupported css section to the documentation at: <>
+1, even if you start with rudimentary support.
+1 We use grid-template and the other grid css items, so would love to see this
Another +1 from the DocRaptor team. A number of our users have requested CSS Grid support. Thanks!

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I'd be curious where this sits on the roadmap at this point in time.
We would like to get to grids but it's going to be a big job.
We know. It will enable us implement and solve big jobs too, and praise Prince for helping us do so.
+1 100% this. CSS grid has been supported by all browsers for a while now and it's quickly replacing flex.
Yes please! +1.

(The CSS grid spec isn't designed to replace flexbox, they solve two different problems.)
Any progress? Grid is really a big thing.
Yes we are working on it, but it's a really big job. :D

We will have more to say when it is ready.
+1 for grid, sorry (just encountered troubles with this today)
+1. Just tried to use this today and was bummed to discover it's not supported yet. Thanks for the effort you're putting into this!
+1 – Absolutely want (need) grid support! Would make some forms we're working on --super-- easy to code and layout. Was a little disappointed when a "simple" grid layout like this resulted in "unsupported properties".

What I wanted (in Safari):

What I got (in Preview):

Keep going, mikeday and the team – PrinceXML is still my go-to PDF generator after all these years…

…even if you don't have grid support. Yet. 😊

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+1 After adding Prince to a project with extensive CSS Grid usage in layouts, this is a real pain point. Hoping to see support in a release soon.