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Latest stable Prince release and CSS test suite implementation reports


Since Prince supports a lot of CSS2.1 and CSS3 modules (even CSS4 modules), I think it would be great to gather and report Prince test results of several CSS test suites into implementation reports.

I have done so in the past for the CSS3 Writing modes implementation report:

[css-writing-modes-3] Prince 10 rev 4 implementation report

and it is my will and intent to continue to do so when latest stable release of Prince improves its support of CSS3 writing modes specification.

My suggestion here is about other CSS test suites like CSS3 background and borders (603 tests), CSS2.1 test suite (10329 tests), etc..

All the test suites are listed here:

CSS Test Harness

Consider this as a suggestion and not at all as a task-to-do. I know that taking all the tests of a test suite takes a lot of time.

Gérard Talbot
Thanks for the suggestion!