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Overflow Hidden Clips Image Entirely

Steps to reproduce:

Print attached HTML document.

What happens:

The overflowing image on the second page is clipped entirely (with overflow: hidden on page), or pushed to a new page (with overflow: visible on page).

Desired behavior:

The image should be only partially clipped, instead of pushed to the next page. This same bug occurs in Chrome's Print to PDF function as well, and I was hoping to use Prince instead.

  1. out-nobleed.html0.7 kB
    Image on the second page is clipped.
I think you will also need "margin: 0" on the @page rule.
Hi @mikeday, I tried this but it did not work. I am printing the HTML document I attached to my first post (with margin:0 in the @page rule) with the following CLI args (Ubuntu 16.04):

prince -i html --no-local-files --page-margin=0 out-nobleed.html -o out.pdf

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Ah I see the problem, I was misunderstanding the original as it was being split across four pages. We will investigate this issue.