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Any plans on supporting .net core (netstandard) for the C# wrapper?

What does that involve?
Just a recompile i think. (I downloaded and compiled the source file in a NetStandard 2x project).
The nuget package falls back to .NET Framework.
Is there any plan to do this anytime soon. Upgraded our platform to .net core but having to fall back to .Net 4.6.2 because of this dependency, We use the paid version of Prince and would be useful to not have this dependency
@mikeday As far as I know, you would need to change the DLL wrapper project's target framework to .NET Standard 2.0 to make it usable by both .NET Framework and .NET Core 2.x projects, with some minor changes to the .nuspec file.

I have the exact same need. I am migrating a WPF application to .NET Core and the Prince code is in a shared library that targets .NET Standard 2.0.

Please create an updated NuGet package that targets .NET Standard 2.0

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Hi Mike,

We are also looking for upgrading our projects to .Net 6.0 Kindly advise.

We are looking to Buy Prince but because it still does not support the latest .NET version we may have to pass. We do not want to support older versions of .NET
@mj.vinupriya and @alexbegun

I've published version 1.3.0 of the C# wrapper, which hopefully provides support for .NET 6.0 up to .NET 8.0.