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Solaris for Prince 12.5

Is it possible to get a build of Prince 12.5 for Solaris 11 (64-bit)?

On intel?
No.. SPARC is needed.
I work with n_edwards. We have evaluated Prince using a Windows version of the tool and are happy with the results.However, we need a build for a Sparc machine. Assuming you can provide a build, do you expect we will have trouble upgrading in the future? Our customer is considering purchasing this software. I do not want to suggest the tool if you do not expect to be able to support Solaris/Sparc in the future.

Thanks for the suport.
We will need a suitable Sparc hosting solution similar to IBM's development cloud which allows us to support their Power architecture. We will investigate and get back to you.
Unfortunately Oracle do not appear to make this very easy, so investigations are continuing; it may take another two months.