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Linked image partially clickable

Ok, this is pretty obscure but if you use the following code:


A linked image within a list item. The image is only partially linked. Only the bottom section of image, from the baseline to the top of the line height.

It makes not difference if you give the width/height properties in either xhtml or css.

Steven. :)
I think you can get around this by setting the line-height for the <a> element, or possibly using the text-height or line-stacking-strategy properties. Some combination of those, anyway. But Prince should probably make the whole image clickable anyway, for compatibility with browsers.
Just to follow up. If you make the same image float to the left through css, it can not be clicked at all.
That makes sense, as the clickable link is basically the rectangle that bounds the <a> element, which the image is no longer inside. However, it's not consistent with what browsers do, so we'll have to make the image a clickable link in its own right. I've added this issue to the roadmap.
At a guess, this affects all elements that exceed the bounds of the link's box (either line box or block box, depending on what display style the link has). This could affect any block or inline-block within an inline link, or any element that is positioned or floated outside the link that contains it.
We have fixed this issue in Prince 6.0 rev 3, and images in links should be clickable even if they are floated or positioned outside of the actual link element. Thanks for reporting the issue! :)