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max-width: 100% on images inside tables aren't respected from version 13.4

After updating princexml from 13.1 to 13.5 we noticed tables with images inside don't resize properly.

The images have a max-width of 100% so the expected behaviour would be that the table can shrink to any width and the images inside resize as well.

When you open test.html in a webbrowser and resize your screen the images resize as well. In prince 13.1 this was the default behaviour. I expect the change "Fix issues affecting the sizing of inline blocks" made in 13.4 is the reason of this issue.
  1. img.png0.4 kB
  2. test - prince 13.1.pdf16.2 kB
  3. test - prince 13.4.pdf16.2 kB
  4. test.html0.7 kB
Thanks, we will take a look and get back to you.