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max-width: 100% on images inside tables aren't respected from version 13.4

After updating princexml from 13.1 to 13.5 we noticed tables with images inside don't resize properly.

The images have a max-width of 100% so the expected behaviour would be that the table can shrink to any width and the images inside resize as well.

When you open test.html in a webbrowser and resize your screen the images resize as well. In prince 13.1 this was the default behaviour. I expect the change "Fix issues affecting the sizing of inline blocks" made in 13.4 is the reason of this issue.
  1. img.png0.4 kB
  2. test - prince 13.1.pdf16.2 kB
  3. test - prince 13.4.pdf16.2 kB
  4. test.html0.7 kB
Thanks, we will take a look and get back to you.
Is there an update on this? We've currently pinned our version of PrinceXML to 13.3 because this issue got introduced in version 13.4.
No not yet sorry, it's still on our list.
Good to hear it's on your list. We're also looking forward to this issue being fixed. Thanks!
This is now fixed in the latest build, thanks for letting us know! :D
Great. Thanks!