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Alignment missing in case of Accented Letters other than Vowels (Unicodes overlapping with letters eg: Circumflex etc..)


We are using following characters HTML:
1. Issue with symbol (~) - The symbol overlaps the alphabet
2. Carot symbol overlapping issue
3. Issue with bar symbol (-) - The symbol overlaps the alphabet etc..

These characters are overlapping with the letters in generated PDF and Requesting your help in solving this issue?

  1. Font_Issue_inPDF_01.PNG50.5 kB
    Carot symbol overlapping
  2. Font_Issue_inPDF_02.PNG54.6 kB
    (symbol : -) overlapping with letters
  3. Font_Issue_inPDF_03.PNG79.3 kB

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Can you post the html/css in question, or send it to Thanks.
If this is using combining diacritics such as u+302 (circumflex) and u+305 (overbar), then Prince is quite dependent on the underlying font to position the diacritics sensibly. DejaVu Sans does a reasonable job other than over capital Gamma; other fonts I tested performed quite badly, sometimes not combining the diacritic with the preceding base letter at all.
  1. combining.html4.0 kB
  2. combining.pdf162.8 kB
You solved my problem, Thank you so much @pjrm.
Glad you found something you like.