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Access to ViewerPreferences: PageScaling

PDF documents can specify their default page scaling method in the ViewerPreferences catalog (see the latest PDF Reference from Adobe, section 8, table 8.1) to automatically set the "Page Scaling" print option. This is particularly useful with the new crop mark features (roadmap says those are done for the next rev of Prince).

Without that option, the PDF viewer defaults to the last setting used, which can be detrimental when page scaling is not desirable (for instance, when you are printing with low margins). If your page size is set at 8.5x11, Reader scales the page and throws off your margins. With the setting, it doesn't scale it -- and prints right. Sometimes people forget to change it when printing.

Table 8.1 has some other interesting features that might be easy to add, too.

DisplayDocTitle for when rev5 supports @prince-pdf properties to set document title, etc. Direction is useful for when printing 2-up and 4-up (and higher) documents (not useful for text direction, printing direction only). HideToolbar, HideMenubar, and HideWindowUI can be useful when, for instance, you intend to display a PDF inline on a webpage in an IFrame window.
Thanks, I've noted this comment on the roadmap.
Today we have released Prince 6.0 rev 5, which adds support for this:
@prince-pdf {
    prince-pdf-print-scaling: none