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images with border-radius


It would be great if prince would render this:

<img src="img.jpg" style="border-radius: 1in; width: 3in;"/>

just like:

<div style="background: url(img.jpg) no-repeat left top; border-radius: 1in; width: 3in; height: 2in; background-image-resolution: 350dpi;">&nbsp;</div>

It's somewhat clumsy to set image's size via DPI...

Could it be possible to implement this? Thanks.
I don't think CSS will permit this, but it would be possible to do some kind of automatic transformation using the new JavaScript support in Prince 8.0.
I beleave that "border-radius" is part of CSS3 standard, but I don't know how far PrinceXML supports CSS3
Prince supports the border-radius properties.
Border-radius works beautifully on divs -- I use it to make pretty chapter headings -- but currently behaves strangely on images.

What it's doing right now is drawing the nice rounded border frame, and then pastes the perfectly rectangular image on top of it. It seems to me that what it should be doing is cropping the image to the matching rounded rectangle.
Prince appears to be consistent with Firefox in the way it handles border-radius. Perhaps a change to the CSS3 specification would be necessary to achieve this behaviour on images.