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unbalanced columns and column-break-before

It would be great if there was way to stop the default behaviour of column balancing on multiple column pages. A column-break-after or column-break-before property would be an assistance.
Columns have been a popular topic lately, it seems. Some of the features people have been asking for are:

* unbalanced columns, column breaks
* the ability to inhibit column breaks before/after/inside elements
* widows/orphans support for columns (currently only for pages)
* column footnotes and column floats (rather than page footnotes/float)

Improving support for multi-column layouts is high on our list of priorities for future releases, so feel free to chime in with ideas if you have any other thoughts about what Prince should be able to do :D
For the record, nearly all of these new column features are available in the new alpha version of Prince that we just released today. :)