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halfly transparent repeated background images


I use small 50x50px (formerly 2x2px) halfly transparent png images for background. It works fine in browsers, but after creating pdf document with Prince, there are lines where bg image restarts.

Here is the document:
And the generated pdf:
(Sorry, http removed, because it is not allowed...)

I have already tried to set a 1px wide and 1px high full transparent lines to the right and bottom sides of the bg image, but that did not help either.

Any idea why Prince beahave like this?

I can make bigger images to overcome the problem, anyway.

And thanks for this excellent program!
[reposting, as earlier post was eaten]

This is caused by a PDF rendering artifact due to tiled images overlapping ever so slightly, as PDF is not based on a pixel grid. If you zoom in you will see that the lines don't get any bigger, and are most likely caused by round-off error in the PDF viewer. We may be able to eliminate this in a future version of Prince.
Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately the same happens with two table cells with halfly transparent bg images. A darker line can be seen between the two cells.
It could be overcome (at least in my case) setting the background to the table row, but it does not work in prince.