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Change to the to Prince UI


When developing style sheets I go round the "edit css" - "generate PDF" loop quite often.

Because Prince always writes the PDF to the same file, I am forever running into the "Prince cannot access the file because it is in use" error.

I would find it very useful if there was an option in the UI to write the PDF to something like <original name>-1.pdf, <original name>-2.pdf, <original name>-3.pdf etc so that I don't get ever the "file in use error".

I know that would leave a number of temp files around but I can live with that.


Are you viewing the PDF within the Prince GUI, or by running a PDF viewer externally? It would be nice to have a cleaner workaround for this common situation.
I run the PDF viewer externally.

The preview tab does not show a preview on my PC, possibly because I set up PDFs to display outside of the browser window.

Hi Peter,

Unfortunately we don't have a fix for this issue yet, but we'll try to figure something out for a future GUI revamp. Would it help if Prince included a print-preview screen? That would eliminate the dependency on Acrobat for previewing PDF output, and would make it a lot easier to stop the two applications squabbling over file permissions.

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Personally, I prefer using the external viewer because I can do things like tile the windows for comparison.

Perhaps it would help to have two buttons in the GUI instead of the current "convert" button:

- the "Preview" button would do the conversion, save to a temp file, and open the viewer.
- the "Save" button would do the conversion, then save to a file of your choice.