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Image Best Practices?

We are using Prince 6, latest version

We are using .jpg images of various sizes in our PDF output. In general, the images all have a slightly blurry quality to them which gets worse as the images get smaller in size/resolution.

There is very little documentation on this.

What is the best way to produce sharp images in a Prince-generated PDF? In particular, .jpg format. (But if other formats produce better output we would certainly use those instead).

Most of our images are corporate sponsor logos and they absolutely cannot be blurry.

Thanks for any suggestions!!
Prince does not alter JPEG images, they get embedded in the PDF file directly as-is, so any blurriness is either intrinsic to the image or results from the application you are using to view the PDF files. In general, JPEG is a lossy image format that is best for photos and other "natural" image data, while PNG is a lossless image format that is better suited for artificial graphics, logos, cartoons, etc.