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support for the canvas element

hey guys,

(I cringe to throw this out as I know it is an element for dynamic content creation, while pdf generation is generally non-interactive.)

My use case is taking a javascript generated graph and being able to use the initial setting in a scheduled report. I've been using graphing libraries to generate png's, but the flexibility of using the canvas element is making it a more and more attractive option. The customized graphing I am doing (and want to do more of) is going to require either canvas/javascript or flash (my vote is javascript over flash).

I'm not sure if you have considered providing support for a utility like this. It would probably require the import of the opera or webkit javascript and bitmap layers to create the initial bitmap for the canvas element, which sounds like a lot of work. but I thought I would share this use-case in case it is something you are (or have) discussing.

thanks guys,
We are planning to add JavaScript support to Prince, and once that's in it would make sense to look at the canvas element. It might take a little while to get there, but we'll do our best. :)
JavaScript is in! In Prince 8.0 beta that is, available for download now. No canvas element yet, but we'll get there one day. :)
Any thoughts on when the canvas element might make it in?
Not sure yet, it requires quite a lot of work.
The canvas element and JavaScript API is supported in Prince 9, released this week and available for download now! :)
Waiting for canvas js "measureText" support :)
It would be handy. I'll make sure it's on the roadmap. :)