Prince License FAQ

Prince may be purchased under one of several licenses. The EULA describes the licenses in a legal language. This document tries to answer frequently asked questions about the licenses in a common language. The table below summarised the different licenses and the key differences between them:

Support 12 months 12 months Negotiable
Commercial use
Commercial service
Number of users
volume discounts available
Unlimited One production server
plus two test/standby servers.
One desktop computer Negotiable
Non-commercial FAQ Server FAQ Desktop FAQ CSO FAQ OEM FAQ

The non-commercial version of Prince is ideal for users who aren't yet sure if Prince will meet their needs.

Server licenses allow the use of Prince on a single server to generate documents that are distributed without charge or ads.

Desktop Licenses can be used when you manually start Prince every time you prepare a PDF document. This is suitable for technical writers and similar users.

CSO licenses allow the use of Prince in commercial services where users pay fees, or where you have other income. OEM licenses allow you to bundle and distribute Prince with your own code. Please see the FAQ and contact us for a quote.

The free version of Prince places a small watermark on the first page of every document. The paid versions of Prince do not add a watermark.

12 months of email support is included with most licenses. Extra support packages are also available.

Commercial Use means that Prince can be used to prepare commercial documents, such as invoices, receipts and newsletters. However, it does not include Commercial Services.

In order to make Prince part of a Commercial Service, you will need a CSO license. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Licenses Discount Price per unit (Server)
1 0% $3800
2 10% $3420
3 20% $3040
4 25% $2850
5+ 30% $2660

Academic licenses are offered to academic institutions who wish to use Prince to produce publications that will be distributed through their own channels. For example, you may use Prince to produce papers, lecture notes or course material for distribution on the Web, at lectures, or through university bookstores. However, the license does not allow you to produce books for commercial publication. See the license agreement for more details.

Academic discounts are also available on the Server and Desktop licenses. See the Academic discount FAQ.

General questions

Are there any restrictions on what kind of computers Prince can be installed?

No, we do not restrict the kinds of computers that Prince can work on. We do not consider memory, clock speed, processors or cores. This includes the Desktop License, which requires that Prince is used interactively rather than restrict the type of computer.

I want to use Prince in a server farm. Do you offer site licenses, or do I need to buy a separate license for each server?

We try to keep our license simple by counting only machines, not processors, clock speed or memory. However, this means that our licenses are not so friendly towards server farms.

We work hard to make Prince as efficient as possible; load balancing usually isn't required. If you still need a license for a server farm, please contact us.

Do you offer discounts when purchasing multiple licenses?

Yes. Here's our discount ladder:

Licenses Discount Price per unit (Server)
1 0% $3800
2 10% $3420
3 20% $3040
4 25% $2850
5+ 30% $2660

Our electronic payment system will automatically calculate the discounts when the licenses are purchased simultaneously. If you purchase licenses at different times then please contact us.

How fast and reliable is your support?

Very. While we do not promise numbers in the EULA, we do our best and we're very good at what we do. The Prince Forum shows the quality and timeliness of the support we provide.

Why is the EULA governed by Norwegian law?

Because Norwegian law is no-nonsense and therefore allows for relatively simple contracts. Also, our lawyer happens to be based in Oslo.

In case of conflict, do I need to know Norwegian?

We have never been in legal conflict with any of our customers. However, in case of conflict, proceedings shall be conducted in the English language.

Do you have a reseller program?

Not really. We typically sell directly to customers. In the past we have found that direct contact is the most efficient. However, we offer a discount ladder for resellers (and others).

Non-commercial License

Is the Prince Non-commercial License really free?


Can be used on a server?


So what's the catch?

There's a logo in the upper right corner on the first page of generated PDF files. You are not allowed to remove the logo (e.g., by removing the first page of the PDF file) or assist or encourage others to remove it.

Also, you must place prominent links to on your Web site, at the places the PDF documents are served and in a page listing your partners. If you send the PDF documents in email, the message body must contain our URL.

Prince and the Generated PDFs must be used for non-commercial purposes (see follow up questions).

Does my organization qualify for the Non-commercial License?

The license doesn't distinguish between commercial and non-commercial organizations. Instead, it distinguishes between commercial and non-commercial purposes. This is the key sentence from the license:

"Non-commercial Purposes" means the production of documents (a) for which no fees are charged, and (b) which are not part of a monetary transaction system (such as, but not limited, to invoices and receipts), and (c) for which no other income (such as, but not limited to, subscription fees, income from advertising, or sale of consumables) is generated.
So, even commercial organizations can use the Non-commercial License as long as they use it for non-commercial purposes?

Correct. For example, a newspaper may offer PDF versions of their articles using the Non-commercial License; as long as the articles are offered at no cost without any advertising.

Can non-commercial organizations use the Non-commercial License for all sorts of purposes?

No. Non-commercial organizations can only use the Non-commercial License for non-commercial purposes. For example, they cannot use the Non-commercial License to generate documents for which they charge fees, nor can they use the non-commercial License to create invoices.

Can I use the Non-commercial License on my server, even if I have advertising on my site?

Yes, as long as the advertising doesn't appear in the generated PDF documents.

I don't have third-party advertising in the PDF documents I generate, but promotions for my own sites and services are inserted. Is is OK to use the Non-commercial License for this purpose?

Not if those other sites or services are of commercial nature. For example, you may not promote services for which you charge subscription fees. If in doubt, contact us.

I run a fee-based service that offers PDF documents as part of the service, but users do not pay extra for the PDF documents. Is it OK to use the Non-commercial License to generate these PDF documents?

You may do so if the PDF documents are also available to others without paying the fees and under the same terms. Also, remember to link back to the website.

My community organization that would like to use Prince for its membership materials, like flyers and newsletters. May I use the Non-commercial version of Prince to produce these?

You may do so if the PDF documents are also available to others without paying the fees and under the same terms. Also, remember to link back to the website.

Am I allowed to use the Non-commercial version to create printed books?

Only if those books are distributed for free, or at the cost of printing.

Why should I buy a license when you offer a free license?

There are several good reasons to buy a license:

  • to remove the watermark; all non-free licenses remove the watermark
  • to use Prince for commercial purposes; all non-free licenses can be used for commercial purposes (but some restrictions apply, see below)
  • to redistribute Prince as part of your own product (for this you need an OEM License)
  • to support our work! We are passionate about printing the web and license fees are our only income.

Server License

Who uses the Prince Server License?

The Server License is used by those who want to run Prince in a server without seeing the watermark, generating documents for company-internal use, or documents that are made available to everyone free of charge.

Is there something I cannot use a Server License for?

You many not use Prince to generate documents that are part of a Commerial Service, for example invoices and monthly statements. These are called Commercial Service Offerings and are covered by a CSO License (sometimes called SaaS). Likewise, you may not include Prince as part of a product for others, For this you need an OEM License.

I need to install Prince on a standby server which will only be used if the primary computer fails. Do I need to purchase another Server License for this?

No. If you have a Server License, we allow you to install Prince on three computers as long as only one computer is used as a production server at a time.

I need a machine for development purposes. Do I need to purchase a separate license for this?

No. If you have a Sever License, we allow you to install Prince on tree computers as long as only one is used as a production server.

Do you offer Prince as Software as a Service (SaaS)?

No, but DocRaptor do.

Desktop License

Who uses the Prince Desktop License?

Typically, the Desktop License is used by authors and publishers who needs to produce PDF documents from time to time.

What are the restrictions of the Desktop License?

If you have a Desktop License, you may install and use Prince on a single computer, and Prince must be started by a human sitting by that computer, either via the GUI or command line. You cannot log into a remote computer to use the Desktop License.

Are there any other restrictions?

Only the usual ones: you cannot disassemble or redistribute Prince. See the EULA for the complete list.

CSO License

What's a CSO License?

CSO stands for "Commercial Service Offerings". By this we mean a service for which fees are charged or other income is generated, and where the generated PDF documents forms an significant part of the service. If you want to use Prince as part of a CSO, you will need a CSO License. For example, if you want to start an advertising-sponsored web-to-PDF service using Prince, you will need a CSO License.

So, software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a kind of CSO?


I'm planning to create a service where my customers pay to use Prince running on my servers. Do I need a CSO License for this?


I'm planning to generate documents (e.g. invoices, receipts or sales proposals) that I will send to customers. I will not charge for these documents. Do I need a CSO License to use Prince for this?


I'm planning to create a commercial service where customers pay for information. They normally access this information in HTML, but I also offer PDF versions generated by Prince. Do I need a CSO License for this use?

If you charge your customers fees for accessing the information, or if you have other income from these documents (e.g., advertising), you will need a CSO License.

My company sells ink cartridges. We would like to build a free service so that users can generate PDF documents to be printed. Do I need a CSO License for this kind of use?

Yes, this is considered a commercial service offerings as you make money from selling consumables.

May I install a CSO License on more than one server?

Yes, you may install CSO Licenses on any number of servers.

Can a CSO License serve any number of domains? For example, can I power both adn from the same CSO License?

No, CSO Licenses are typically limited to serving one domain only.

How much does a CSO License cost?

That depends. Prices are negotiated on a case-by-case basis; the nature and expected revenues of the CSO is taken into account. Typically, we charge annual fees for CSO Licenses. If you consider creating a CSO in which Prince forms a part, please tell us more about what it does, what role Prince will have, and from which domain name the service will be offered. Please contact us.

OEM License

Who needs a Prince OEM License?

You need an OEM License if you want to redistribute Prince, e.g., as part of your own product.

How much does a Prince OEM License cost?

That depends. Prices are negotiated on a case-by-case basis; the price and expected distribution of the application is taken into account. If you tell us more about your application — what it does, how many copies you expect to sell/distribute, and what you plan to charge — we will provide you with a price quote. You can contact us.

Are there any commercial services that offer online use of Prince?

Yes, DocRaptor.

Academic Discount Licenses

Do you offer academic discounts

Yes, Academic discounts apply to the Server and Desktop Licenses and reduce the price by 50%. Academic discounts are available to academic institutions and restrictions apply (see below).

I am a teacher/student, am I eligible for an academic discount?

No, academic discounts apply to academic institutions such as schools and universities. You could ask your institution to purchase the software for you or the Non-commercial License may be suitable.

What restrictions apply to an Academic License?

An Academic License can only be used for academic purposes. By this we mean the production of dissertations, papers, lecture notes, hand-outs and similar documents or publications of academic character for distribution on the Web, at lectures, or through university bookstores or similar academic channels that are not of a strictly commercial character. A university press run on commercial terms is considered to be strictly commercial.