Sample Applications


Fruitfinder FruitStand is a sample form-based web application. You can order imaginary apples, pears and oranges from our electronic fruit stand by interacting with the order form. The page is written in HTML and uses Javascript to calculate costs as you choose your favorite produce. You can also edit the name and address. When you have finished ordering, press "Generate invoice". The form is then submitted to a server where Prince has been been installed. Prince generates a PDF invoice which is returned to you.

Campaign Letter Generator

Campaign Letter Generator When fighting for a cause, writing letters to the right people is essential. E-mail campaigns are easily discarded as spam, but paper letters count. Prince combines the best of the electronic and physical world by making it easy to create personalized letters that can be printed and sent in an envelope. Visit our campaign letter generator, edit the fields according to your preferences and hit the button. A beautiful PDF letter is returned to you.