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"Continued" message after pagebreak in copy, but NOT on its own page.

I already have a @top heading and a @left bar. I'd like to see "Our Principles, Continued" (which is in <div class="continuation">). I tried using @right but I don't see the content anywhere on the page, so ... any suggestions?


float seemed to make things worse
Here they want to use a page-group. However, I don't want the next section "Meaning Behind Our ...") to start on a new page, which I gather is what would happen with a page-group.
I already have a header so this isn't going to work. But it made me think... maybe I can **add** the header and continuation elements somehow?
  1. content-continued-example.html8.3 kB
    the HTML document
  2. content-continued-screen.png238.3 kB
    this is where I'd like to see it.
Adding the continuation using string-set could be a viable idea!