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I use CSS like this:

table {
  page-break-inside: avoid;

which works well, except that if a table is, say 1.5 pages long and you're a third of the way down the page, it'll still start the table on the next page.

It might be better if, where it was going to go across a page break anyway, it used up that space rather than starting on a new page.
Yes, this would be better. Improving the pagination of long tables is an ongoing focus of ours.
Is there a solution to this now?
Unfortunately there are still limits to the treatment of page breaking for blocks and tables that are longer than a page.
Is this feature in the development plans or should I rather start on some work-around for the time being?
I would recommend finding a workaround for the time being.
Hi Mikeday,

Is there any fix for the issue yet?